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Quality is a way of life with us. Our strength lies in our commitment to deliver exceptional, personalized and flexible service to our international and domestic customers. Our aim and mission is to strike a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, product quality and service efficiency, to guarantee that our customers enjoy nothing but the best.


Having understood our goals and objectives, our management team with your interest in mind, commit to pool our resources to provide the best customer service that we possibly can. This means going the extra mile to provide both hardware and customized engineering solutions to our patrons.

Some of our strengths that make us the most reliable business partner to work with are:

  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Sophisticated working system
  • Integrated approach
  • Reliable and well-organized distribution network
  • Products complying with international quality standards
  • Competitive prices
  • Customer focused approach

IT Consultancy

Salmon Enterprises has the expertise inhouse to offer IT consultancy. With our director leading this portfolio, we started small by offering consultancy services to companies in the Energy Industry to build their websites, accounting softwares and other smaller IT requirements. Started in 2013, Salmon IT Consultancy has since expanded - Our portfolio of solutions and services now includes infrastructure management services, outsourcing, system integration, Application Software development, IT consulting, IT Security Consulting, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Industry specific products implementation & Support , Quality Assurance & Training.

Salmon provides these services to several clients located across Singapore and the region. Essentially it covers several markets including the Energy Industry, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Telecommunications, Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing, Aviation Industry and more.

Our key focus is to empower our customers with customized turnkey services and business solutions through state of the art technology and best-of-breed business processes. We aim to be the most sought after Business Partner, by ensuring that solutions are implemented in with highest quality and integrity, on-time and using the best effective technology, enabling our customers with the necessary tools to carry out their core business to the optimum level.

Our team strongly believes in providing complete solutions that allow the business to flourish, ease their work load, allow for innovative ideas to be easily implemented as our solutions are so flexible and yet highly customised. Our team takes great pride in its deep industry understanding which is further empowered by our superior knowledge of the world class latest technology available at our disposal.